About 1CloseoutsWholesalers.com Overstock, Return, and Surplus Merchandise

1CloseoutsWholesalers.com is one of the largest dealers of overstock, return and surplus apparel in the midwest. In the past we have only sold to the large liquidation and salvage companies. We now are open to the small and medium resellers and wholesalers.

Mens Suits
Cramp Relief
Designer comforter.

We are a below wholesale distributor and exporter of quality liquidation merchandise. We carry a full line of salvage merchandise of all varieties. Anything you might find in a department store, office supply or hardware store, we have available.

We supply pallets and truckloads of bulk, salvage, closeout and liquidation merchandise of all varieties for pennies on the wholesale dollar.

This merchandise comes from a variety of sources: department store returns, closeouts and truckloads from over 100 department stores and other sources in America and abroad.

Our liquidation and salvage merchandise is sold by the pallet, gaylord, lot or truckload. We can save you shipping by have this merchandise shipped directly to you from one of our Department Stores Reclamation Centers, or distribution points around the USA.

The varieties of merchandise we carry includes below wholesale priced men's apparel, wholesale mixed clothing , wholesale women's apparel, wholesale children's clothing, wholesale footwear and shoes , wholesale domestics, wholesale electronics, wholesale toys, wholesales furniture , cosmetics, wholesale sporting goods, and much more.

We are your #1 liquidation merchandise supplier of below wholesale surplus closeouts, department stores returns and closeouts, overstock closeout items, bulk salvage goods, store returns, and closeout merchandise.


We have a constantly changing inventory of of over 500 pallets in stock. Join our newsletter or contact us for our current inventory list of pallets and gaylords we have in stock.

International Export Experts

We are an international exporter with experience and contacts across the globe. We export our below wholesale liquidation merchandise to all countries! Please call us at 1-800-894-8950 for more details.

Lowest Prices Available

We have the lowest prices on closeout, salvage and liquidation merchandise available, and we will beat any competitors prices on department store returns or closeout merchandise!

Thanks to our many valuable customers who made us what we are and gave us the buying power we have today, we are able to purchase the closeout merchandise at the lowest prices possible and pass on the savings to you! Most of our clients are repeat customers because of our customer care and best pricing on salvage items. Shop around and compare

We will beat any competitors price on department store returns!1-800-894-950 - sales@1closeoutswholesalers.com

A1 Quality Loads Directly To You!

We don't cherry-pick our loads. We value our customers and want them to come back. We'll ship you the same loads we get directly from the Department Stores Reclamation Centers. This way you receive the absolute best merchandise available for the lowest price.

Freight and Shipping

1CloseoutsWholesalers.com has many FOB points all over the U.S. We'll ship your salvage merchandise truckloads directly from the closest one of the Department Stores Reclamation Center we have all across the country, so you can save money on freight. Call us and see how much you can save.

Our Mission

1CloseoutsWholesalers.com is committed to supplying the lowest priced, highest quality salvage and liquidation merchandise across the globe. We are committed to excellent costumer service, helping you in every step of your purchase from ordering, shipping, and then satisfaction once you have received your goods.

We look forward to having a long-term business relationship with you and your company. If you need more information or are looking for a particular item, please contact us: call 1-800-894-950 or email sales@1closeoutswholesalers.com for more information and a personalized quote.

Contact Us / Pallets List / Code Listing

To contact us and receive an updated pallets list as well as the code listing to let you identify our suppliers, please use the form below. Act now! As soon as you stock up with closeout wholesale, surplus, remaindered, salvage, and overstock merchandise, you'll be ready to meet your customers' needs and profit handsomely! All fields except for the comments box are required.